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Our MATERIAL Inventory

Competitive pricing on a wide range of materials.

As our name of nearly forty years indicates, Stainless Plate Products, Inc. focuses on making products from stainless steel plates. That's our specialty, and that's why you're here.

Parts that can be cut directly from one of our many sizes of steel plate are most economical and can be finished in the process. Please explore Stainless Plate Products' comprehensive listing of inventory by size and grade.

Current In-Stock Stainless Steel Plate

321 1/4" - 1 1/4"
316/316L 3/16" - 6"
304 / 304L 3/16" - 6"
410 3/16" - 4"
2205 Duplex 3/16" - 3 1/2"

Many other grades available by request. All Stainless Plate Products, Inc. mill inventory is completely certified and documented for traceability. Certifications are available as required, at no extra charge, to simplify your documentation and compliance requirements.

Material Certification & Traceability

All of our materials are 100% mill certified and traceable. Upon request, material certification sheets will be shipped with your order. These certification sheets list the exact chemical and physical properties of the material you receive. These mill certifications are based on physical and chemical tests performed on the material at the time of manufacture.

Stainless Plate Products services a wide range of customers, and we have a proven track record in waste water, chemical, food processing, environmental, energy and nuclear applications where traceability is critical. We have established and maintain rigorous procedures to track every pound of material entered into our inventory back to its original mill certifications. Every parent plate and every remnant from the time it is received until the time its small remnants are ultimately recycled are completely traceable. Certificates of Compliance, special certifications and third-party testing are always available.

You should always request these certifications when your project has strict traceability requirements.